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How do I expand my business into Ohio?

You will need to talk to the Secretary of State's Office Business Services Division. The Division can be reached at (877) 767-6446 or (614) 466-2655 or by email.

How does an out-of-state business set up an Ohio employee?

An out-of-state business having an Ohio employee is very similar to starting a business. Great guides and information can be found on the 1st Stop Business Connection.

Be sure to review the checklist for foreign entities.

How do I close my business?

The Department of Taxation offers information on closing a business.

You should also reach out to:

I do not see the business license that I am interested in on the licenses and permits page, does that mean I do not need to have one?

Not necessarily, local and/or federal licenses and permits may also be required. If you are unable to locate information about the license or permit your business needs, try contacting the Secretary of State's Business Services Division at (614) 466-3910 or (877) 767-3453, or by email.

How can I tell if a business is legitimate?

Visit the Secretary of State's website to see if the business is registered to do business in the Ohio. You can also visit the Attorney General's Consumer site to search for complaints against a business.

Where can I learn more about employer labor laws?

For questions about Ohio labor law, contact the Bureau at (614) 644-2239 or by email at webmaster@wagehour.com.state.oh.us. The Bureau's website can be found here: http://com.ohio.gov/dico/. You can also search for federal labor law and information using http://www.usa.gov.

How do I register my business with the State?

The Starting a Business page provides information on how to register your business with the State.


How do I get a withholding number?

Call the Business Taxpayer Assistance hotline at (888) 405-4039, or visit the Department of Taxation's website for Businesses or email the Department.

How do I get a vendor's license?

Learn more about vendor's licenses. For questions, contact the Department of Taxation's Business Taxpayer Assistance hotline at (888) 405-4039 or email the Department.

Doing business with the state

How do I become a Medicaid provider?

Learn about becoming an Ohio Medicaid provider on the Ohio Department of Medicaid's site: