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April 2018
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::  Modernization Project Progress
::  OH|ID - Increasing Security and Convenience
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Gateway Modernization Project Update
The Gateway Modernization Project team is closing out User Acceptance Testing (UAT) this week. During UAT, testers work within the updated Gateway environment to test if business users will be able to accomplish their daily tasks with the modernized platform. Once this testing phase is complete, the project will prepare for go-live by conducting system conversion and business user readiness activities. The modernized Gateway go-live date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Later this month, we will be engaging existing Gateway business users who will provide feedback on the critical functionality and system features of the modernized Gateway. 

The team has also created job aids and video tutorials which will help business users navigate the modernized Gateway as it is rolled out. Gateway business users will receive communications in the coming weeks with details on how to access these materials. Ensuring that users are easily able to complete their business tasks is a continued priority of the Gateway Modernization Project.

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OH|ID - Increasing Security and Convenience
The Gateway Modernization Project will transform the current Gateway into a more user-friendly, reliable and secure portal. As part of this modernization, the Gateway is adopting OH|ID - the State's new enterprise identity that provides a more secure and private digital experience for citizens, businesses and the State workforce when interacting with the State of Ohio. 

Today, users have a unique set of credentials for each State business application they access. Once registered on OH|ID, users will use their OH|ID credentials to access many of the State's business applications. Logging in with only one credential delivers a more seamless sign-on experience and simplifies account maintenance. This will save time and reduce the number of accounts and logins business users need to remember.

Potential Modernized Gateway Homepage

The first time an existing Gateway business user accesses the modernized Gateway, they will use their current Gateway username and password to log in. The Gateway will then lead them through the steps to create an OH|ID account and link it to their Gateway account. After completing this one time set-up, Gateway business users will utilize their OH|ID username and password to access the modernized system - they will not need to maintain two separate accounts.

For more information about the Gateway Modernization Project and additional details about the improvements business users will see when the modernized system goes live, visit

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