Ohio Business Gateway Modernization Project

The Gateway Modernization Project is transforming the Ohio Business Gateway to be more user-friendly and reliable.

But the Gateway is not the only thing that is being updated. Business.ohio.gov is also undergoing a transformation to make the most important information easier to find and become more user friendly.

For more information about how business.ohio.gov is changing, watch the video above.

Learn about the major improvements you'll find on the modernized Gateway itself below.

Simplified filing process

The modernized Gateway features an updated filing process that eliminates the "checkout" step for transactions that do not require payment prior to filing.

This simplification reduces the number of steps required to file some transactions, saves users time and provides clarity around the filing status of these transactions.

Additional avenues for help

Screenshot of the Account Access Management page

A preview of the Gateway's new case management system

One of the features that business users have identified as a challenge in the current system is the Gateway's help and case management functionality. As a result, the modernized Gateway features an entirely new online help and case management system that will make finding and requesting help on the Gateway faster and more intuitive. Users will now be able to request help on the Gateway 24/7 and will be automatically presented with help articles and content related to the area of the Gateway they are in or to the specific transaction they are processing.

Streamlined account management for Service Providers

Screenshot of the Account Access Management page

A preview of the Gateway's new account access management page

Service Provider users who have access to more than one business account on the Gateway will have those associations automatically transferred over to the modernized Gateway. In addition, the process for requesting and granting access to different accounts is simplified in the modernized system. Service Provider users will be able to search for a business account and request access to it all using a link on their Business Dashboard. Their clients will get a notification and can grant or deny the request to access their account within a tab on the Gateway. There is no more establishing organizations as Service Providers in the Gateway.

Increased speed, reliability & security

The modernized Gateway is being built on a Salesforce platform — the leading customer relationship management system in the world. Salesforce's scalable, repeatable components will allow the State to more rapidly onboard new agencies/organizations and transactions. Utilization of Salesforce will also lead to greater security for the Gateway's users. As Salesforce updates and improves its technology and security, the Gateway will also be updated.

OH|ID Integration

Another enhancement coming to the modernized Gateway is its integration with OH|ID — a new statewide initiative meant to streamline the way citizens interact with applications from the State of Ohio. OH|ID will allow individuals to access multiple applications using a single username and password. OH|ID will also increase the security of all the applications that are part of the initiative, including the Gateway.

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Project background

As the primary source for business information, payment of a number of business taxes and other state services, the Ohio Business Gateway is vital to Ohio's business community. Even prior to assuming the role of Chair of the Ohio Business Gateway Steering Committee, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor initiated the project to modernize the Gateway.

During the planning of the project, the Lt. Governor and Gateway stakeholders established the following mission statement:

Make doing business in Ohio easy and efficient by providing e-Government services that are simple and secure.

It is the goal of the Gateway Modernization Project to reimagine the Gateway in a way that serves Ohio's businesses best by living up to that mission.

The Gateway Modernization Project is currently being implemented in two phases. Phase I of the Modernization project is focused on addressing elements that were cited as most important to our users, including:

  • An improved user experience
  • Electronic confirmation and receipts
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Pre-populated data

Phase II of the Gateway Modernization Project will fully convert the Gateway's back-end systems to improve overall system performance.

Modernization project timeline

Creating an experience that maximizes value and efficiency for business users is one of the Gateway's guiding principles. Over the past few months, we have collected feedback from Gateway users on sample elements of the modernized Gateway, and have incorporated some of that feedback in the final system design for Phase I of the project.

If you are interested in providing feedback on the Gateway or participating in the Gateway Modernization Project, please send us an email!

Want even more information about the Modernization Project? Check out this info sheet.

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