OBG Electronic Filing
Services and Transactions

In alphabetical order by service/transaction

In alphabetical order by agency

Ohio Department of Administrative Services

Equal Opportunity Division

  • Affirmative Action Program Verification
  • Certificate Of Compliance Application
  • Construction Contract I-29
  • Unified Application
  • Recertification Affidavit
  • EDGE Cross Certification
  • EDGE Mediation Complaint

Public Notice

  • File a Public Notice
Ohio Office of Budget and Management
Ohio Department of Commerce

Division of Unclaimed Funds

  • Unclaimed Funds Report
  • Unclaimed Funds Negative (None) Report
Ohio Development Services Agency


  • Investor and Small Business Registration
  • Investment Application
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Unemployment Compensation Tax

  • Employer's Report of Wages (JFS-66111, formerly UCO-2QR)


  • Company Registration
  • Employee Registration
  • Search for Ohio Resumes
Municipal Income Tax Agencies and Administrators

Business Income (Net Profits) Taxes

  • Estimated Payments
  • Extension Requests
  • Income (Net Profits) Tax Returns

Employer Withholding Taxes

  • Withholding Returns and Payments
Ohio Public Employees Deferred Compensation Program

Employer Contributions

  • Notification, billing, collection, and reconciliation of 457 plan contribution payments
  • Employer Contact Information update
Ohio Department of Taxation

Commercial Activity Tax

  • CAT Returns (Semi-Annual, Annual, Minimum Fee, Annual, and Quarterly)
  • Payment only (return already filed)
  • CAT Assessment Payments
  • Billing Notice Payment
  • Address/contact, filing frequency, corporate structure, and cancel account updates

Employer Withholding

  • Withholding Tax Reports
    • IT-501 Employer's Withholding
    • IT-941 Employer's Annual Reconciliation
    • IT-942 Quarterly and 4th Quarter/Annual Reconciliations
  • School District Withholding Tax Reports
    • SD-101 Employer's School District Withholding
    • SD-141 Employer's School District Reconciliation
  • Billing Notice Payment
  • Assessment Payment
  • Payment only (return already filed)
  • Withholding account number maintenance

Sales and Use Tax

  • State, County, and Transit Sales Tax Returns (UST-1)
  • Use Tax Returns (UUT-1)
  • Accelerated Sales Tax Payments
  • Billing Notice Payment
  • Assessment Payment
  • Payment only (return already filed)

Financial Institutions Tax

  • Account Maintenance

Severance Tax

  • Account Maintenance

Wireless 911 Charges

  • Account Maintenance

Tax Licenses and Registrations

  • Commercial Activity Tax
  • Employer Withholding
    • Ohio School District Withholding
    • Ohio Employer Withholding
  • Sales/Use Tax
    • County Vendor's Licenses
    • Consumer's Use Tax
    • Transient License
    • Out-of-State Sellers License
  • Single-Trip Fuel Use Tax Permits
  • Financial Institutions Tax
  • Severance Tax
  • Wireless 911 Charges
Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities